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Pokemon X & Y Rom Download Updated Pokemon X – 3DS

Download Patched Pokemon X & Y Rom

Pokemon X & Y Rom Its a First Pokemon Game To have 3D Functions. The game is completely unplayable due to major graphical or audio glitches. Unable to progress past the Start Screen. This Pokemon X & Y Room Game Type is GBA our hack by Emerald/Fire Red. The Creator Of This game by jovefreak1993. Thousands Of Positive Reviews For This Game and lot of new adventure features add in this game by the developer, last update of this game in 6, Aug 2018. If you’re looking to play Pokemon X and Y, the official 3DS games, on your GBA emulator, please note that it’s simply not possible! Alternatively, players can capture wild Pokemon, found during random encounters, by weakening them in battle and catching them with Poke Balls, allowing them to be added to their party. Players are also able to battle and trade Pokemon with other human players using the Nintendo 3DS’s connectivity features. Like in previous games in the series, certain Pokemon X & Y Room are only obtainable in either X or Y, with players encouraged to trade with others in order to obtain all Pokemon from both versions.

Pokemon X & Y Information :

Name:                   Pokemon X & Y
Type:                     GBA
Hack of:               Emerald/Fire Red
Language:          English
Creator:              jovefreak1993, Unknown

Pokemon X & Y Features :

  • Ability to use Pokemon as land transport
  • Mega evolution
  • New evolution method
  •  Introduction of a new type, enter the fairies
  •  Always has to be the 3 new starters
  • A new way of leveling Pokemon
  • New types of battle: Sky & Horde
  • O-Powers
  • You Get to Choose a Kanto Starter
  • New Pokemon
  • Much More………………

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How to play Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on PC?

To play Pokemon XY on PC, you need a 3DS emulator and ROM files. 3DS emulator is a program which allows you to play 3DS games on pc. Yes. We have waited for a long time to a working 3DS emulator and it’s finally here!

How to Play Pokemon X and Y on PC?
1. Firstly download 3DS Emulator and ROM files above
2. Save the files on your desktop
3. Unzip the downloaded files using WinRAR
4. Double-click “Nintendo 3DS Emulator” folder
5. Run “Nintendo 3DS Emulator.exe”
6. Click on Files
7. Open NDS ROM
8. Select Pokemon ROM
9. Enjoy Pokemon X and Y on PC!

Pokemon X & Y  Rom Download


(X & Y FireRed)

Google Drive
Google Drive 2


(X & Y Emerald)

Google Drive
Google Drive 2

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