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Pokemon Vega Rom Download Updated English Version

Download Patched Pokemon Vega Rom

Pokemon Vega Rom Is Available On Original Language Is Japanese GBA Rom hack Creator By a Japanese Group Of Developer But Now this Is Translated In English Available now and Thousand Of Positive Reviews.  it contains a new region, all sorts of new Pokemon and moves, and a significant challenge. Pokemon Vega is a Hack/Monster Capture RPG game published by Dr. Akimbo, Unknown released on August 11, 2012, for the Game Boy Advance. The last update happened on April 4, 2018. When you play Pokemon you will find a different Pokemon gaming adventure. Expect exciting challenges and get a chance to encounter 181 new Pokemon plus another 56 Pokemon from recent generations.I guess you’ll want to meet these cool creatures in this game. These Fakemons can be also a perfect pair with your favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon Vega Information :

Name:                           Pokemon Vega
Hack of:                       Fire Red
Language:                   English
Creator:                       Anonymous
Status:                          Completed

Pokemon Vega Features:

  • New region, Tohoku
  • 181 new Pokemon, plus 56 Pokemon from newer generations
  • 70 new moves, plus 87 moves from newer generations
  • Impressive custom music
  • Rematches with important trainers
  • An extensive postgame
  • Somewhat questionable new evolution paths for existing official mons.
  • Custom OST (starting with Vega)
  • New regions (starting with Vega)
  • Fakemon
  • Custom sprites/mapping
  • Much More……………….

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