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Pokemon Uranium Download Updated Version 1.1.0 GBA

Pokemon Uranium Download

Pokemon Uranium: A Totally New Pokemon New Game. Pokemon Uranium Is a Fan Base game  On The Pokemon series. The Story Of Pokemon uranium It’s Completely different From the Previous Version Of Pokemon. The story is slightly darker than other games from the saga and lets you discover so-far unexplored regions. Pokemon Uranium it’s not a Room Hack And cannot play on GBA Emulator. This is Pokemon Uranium Download Only Run On Computer, Laptop  Running Window.


Usually, a project which has been developed for a long time is worth waiting. And so does Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made 9-years Pokemon project. These two people are Involuntary Twitch and JV (at least their nicknames), we can call them Team Uranium. Starts from a game made from RPG maker XP on a PC system, Pokemon Uranium Download become a phenomenon of summer 2016. One great detail in Pokemon Uranium is how refined the controls are: the game can be enjoyed perfectly with a mouse and keyboard. Of course, you can also use a controller, but you won’t have any trouble using the keyboard.

Pokemon Uranium Information

Name:              Pokemon Uranium
Language:       English
Creator:          JV~, Involuntary Twitch
Platform:         Windows (Mac coming soon)
Status:              Completed

Pokemon Uranium Features :

  • All 8 Gyms
  • The Tandor Championship
  • 192 Species of Pokémon to catch & evolve – plus 8 more coming in future updates
  • A full storyline – battle against a powerful Nuclear enemy
  • Online features: Battle and Trade directly with other players, and also use GTS and Wonder Trade and Mystery Gift
  • Multiple save files
  • 30+ hours of gameplay
  • Contains 8 gyms, 13 towns, and 6 optional Sidequests
  • More than 190 Pokémon to be caught
  • GTS, Wonder Trade, and Virtual Trainer
  • Custom/Nuzlocke Mode (Including randomizer and well… Nuzlocke)
  • Poké Radar (Tool for searching for special Pokémon)
  • battle your friends in PvP matches in a variety of formats
  • Includes Mega Evolution in battle
  • Mystery Gift
  • Multiple Save Files
  • Much More……….


pokemon uranium Screen Shot


Pokemon Uranium Download Latest Version Free

Download V1.1.0 HERE

Download v1.0 HERE



  1. Thanks for new games


  3. I can only play this on windows ??? Can you make for android 🙂

  4. Can this be played on an rmxp emulator for android

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  7. Hello! ^_^ Sans! Is this a cool game? Wanna try it!

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  11. SASUKE-NARUTO Uzamuchi

    Does it support online battles and trades? Please tell me some new adventurous roms (not common roms)

  12. What abt my pokemon cloud white v.495 after v.498 how can i continue my game With a new beta plz help .i got too far in this game abt to complete 3rd region.can i get v.495 zip file plz

  13. Any idea how completed this game is? Just 1 region finished..multiple or what? Looks like its getting worked on a lot, but I just played a game with only 6 badges so I am a bit worried about incomplete games atm.

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