Pokemon Sweet 2th Rom Download Updated Version (GBA,Fire Red)

Download Patched Pokemon Sweet 2th Rom

Pokemon Sweet 2th Rom is A second famous red burning hack. The name of this game package is Pokemon 2th Rom and GBA type, Hack Of Fire Red, Language is Basic English. The creator is Ephraim225 status. 2. I dropped Fire Red and a bunch of chocolate hair buns into a blender two and a half years ago. This led to two things: the worst smooshed in the world and an idea for a ROM hack in which the Pokémon world blends in all respects with Candy land, from the Pokémon itself to the movements they have used.


Where the power of dessert is performing battles! Travel through a fabricated marvel, similar to Kanto but quite different from those who explore! Fill in the pages of your cookbook and capture 386 candified Pokemon! We spared no cost in the uniqueness of the experience, so a brand new type chart consisting of 12 flavors of ice cream is available. The fans and supporters, together with the fact that it was made at a time when I wasn’t all that experienced Fire Red hacking, inspired me to create a sequel-this time using all the knowledge that I have gained in those two years, an entirely new region rather than a resin of the Pokemon Sweet 2th Rom. you can also check out this an amazing pokemon game series Pokemon Prism Rom Download.

Pokemon Sweet 2th Information :

Name:                      Pokemon Sweet 2th
Type:                        GBA
Hack of:                   Fire Red
Language:               English
Creator:                   Ephraim225
Status:                     Completed(?)


Pokemon Sweet 2th Features :

  • Crafting- craft EV items out of berries
  • Fast Travel
  • No HM’s
  • Customizable music
  • A total of 386 PokéSweets
  • 25 Mega Evolutions
  • Non-linear map
  • Sidequests
  • By completing the sidequests from NPCs, you will get items.
  • Depending on the starter you choose, you will take the route of that one.
  • There will be 25 PokeSweets which can use Mega Evolution.
  • There are 386 PokeSweets in total. They remain the same number.
  • Like the first Sweet hack, you can use berries to craft many EV items.
  • Much More……………..

Pokemon sweet 2th Screenshots

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