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Pokemon Sage Download Updated Version 2018 RPG Maker Pokedex

Pokemon Sega Download

Pokemon Sage is not a hack rom its a fan made RPG maker XP game. Pokemon Sage Pokedex Created By Anonymous members of 4 chain’s /Vp/board. Pokemon Saga updated in 2018 and released in 2017 for window our Pc do not run in any emulator. The reign selected for this Pokemon room is Urobos Reign. Pokemon Sage its a awesome game for window our Pc am personally played this game our lot of enjoy. This fan-game brings a new region, history and more than 200 new Fakemon (fake Pokémon created by fans). Despite the general warmth of these areas, the town the player starts in is covered in snow. The player, named either Simon or Sofia by default, has a friendly rival as well as a more acerbic rival who steals the friendly rival’s starter Pokedex.

Pokemon Sage place in the Fictional place called Urobos. Like many places in the official Pokemon books, Urobos is based on the real life of the region: Central America and South America. I found the battle between the evil of each based upon the inhabitants of this place in history as the Aztec empire and the Spanish conquistadores. Despite the good warmth of these things, the city where the player will begin uhi’ia. The dew player Simon behavior of Sofia to study the enemy, and the enemy fell more bitter London is beginning a friendship enemy.

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Pokemon sage Information :

Name:                          Pokemon Sage
Type:                            RPG
Hack of:                      XP Game
Language:                  English
Creator:                      4 Chain’s

Pokemon Sage Features :

  • 6 towns and cities, and a variety of other interesting locations
  • 3 Urobos League Gyms
  • Walking with Pokémon
  • Main plot events, as well as a variety of optional side-quests
  • New big region called Urobos with many unexpected things.
  • New Fakemon available for more complex strategies.
  • New rivals and gyms to battle.
  • Much More …….


Pokemon Sega Download

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