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Pokemon Mega Power Rom Download Updated Version 5.59

Download Patched Pokemon Mega Power Rom

Pokemon Mega Power Rom if you have an experience of mega evolution on Pokemon emerald? am sure you love this Pokemon mega power game is a Pokemon hack based room of Pokemon Emerald. The taste of amazing Huge Mega Power you never miss this hack will money back life event. Little by little the young man discovers that Kasper is the leader of secret equipment called Delta Team, of which there arise several doubts about the intentions of Kasper with the research of the young genius.

There’s more, prepare to meet the strongest and best legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. You gotta love Pokemon Mega Power and that’s for sure. Download Pokemon Mega Power now and experience a different and innovative Emerald gaming.

Neil/Tyra, the virtuoso researcher who turned into an educator. He/she has a fantasy. He/she need to make the most grounded Pokemon without anyone else, he did as such numerous trials. Be that as it may, he/she doesn’t have enough cash. As of now, an agent called Kasper tells the youthful educator that he would contribute for the venture, however, the Professor must impart the accomplishment to him. To achieve his/her objective, he/she acknowledged Kasper’s commitment without dithering. As the youthful virtuoso bit by bit realize that Kasper is the pioneer of a mysterious group called “Group Delta”, he/she starts to consider whether he/she should keep up. Why Kasper needs the undertaking? What will he do? The youthful teacher must settle on a choice, keep it up, or not?

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Pokemon Mega Power Information:

Name:                     Pokemon Mega Power
Type:                       GBA
Hack of:                 Emerald
Language:            English
Creator:                1158

Pokemon Mega Power Features:

  • New region, new gyms
  • All mega evolutions
  • Some 4th gen, 5th gen, and 6th gen Pokemon
  • Some new tiles
  • Much More……

Pokemon Mega Power Screen Shots

Pokemon Mega Power Download

(Beta 5.59) Here

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