Pokemon Light Platinum Rom Download Update with Cheats Codes

Download Patched Pokemon Light Platinum Rom

Pokemon Light Platinum ROM: The new cool games, super made music, events, items, and much more exciting features in the Pokemon light platinum Download this game Our enjoy GBA version. this game is based on Pokemon ruby which is amazing New graphics! The original and old version of the Ruby game is boring, but it can certainly bring your Pokemon games to the next level. There are many rooms for Pokemon, but they are almost unfinished and cannot play perfectly sans bugs.

Pokemon Light is a very good ROM based on the Ruby Pokemon version and features numerous new features including a Pokemon IV Generation. The ROM  has been developed by Wesley FG and has lots of features! Pokémon of the 4th and 5th generations, new events and the ability to capture the legendary throughout the game as Mew Deoxys, Darkrai, Etc. Light Platinum is a new GBA that has been redone, map and HM. It is also a Brazilian creator. You can also check out Rom Pokemon Clover Rom Download.

Pokemon light Platinum Rom Information:

Name:                 Pokemon Light Platinum
Type:                   GBA
Gener of:            Ruby
Language:        English
Creator:            Wesley FG

Pokemon light Platinum Rom Features:

  • Included New Region ZHERY
  • Included New Leaders and Elite Four
  • Included New Rivals
  • Pokémons of all Regions (Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh)
  • You can have trips to another area
  • Can catch all Pokemon Legendaries
  • Included All New sprites
  • Included All New events
  • Included All New Tiles
  • New Final Event: Pokemon World Championship
  • And the final, easy to play, to save and to enjoy with your GBA Emulator – VBA, not hard to play like NDS game
  • Decapitalization
  • New sprites and tiles
  • New rivals
  • New Gym Leaders and Elite Four
  • Much More……….

Pokemon light Platinum Rom Cheats :

Firstly, you need to input the Master Code to VBA Emulator. It is required to get any other cheats to work:


After doing that, now you can input the other Gameshark codes you want.

Unlimited Master Ball

Rare Candy Cheat

Walk through Walls
Warning: Be careful while using this cheat as you might get stuck in certain areas.

Catch all wild Pokemon easily
6006D97C61CF 47C3AA0DF650

Pokemon Light Platinum Screen Shots






Pokemon Light Platinum Download

Version: Plus / Final (Light Platinum+)


(Light Platinum Final)


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  8. lizard meme says:

    Not sure if it’s the final. Kinda stopped working after you get lava surf.

  9. Knuckle San says:

    i still got white screen after i do the steps,
    can anyone help? this version have good graphics :/

  10. Norman Bondoc says:

    I started playin it but When I get to the route where you are supposed to save pichu there are campers there how do I get passed them they keep saying go awa

  11. kean says:

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