Pokemon Gold Rom Download (USA)

Pokemon Gold Rom

If you can looking on the internet a best pokemon Rom series Of Pokemon Gold ROM so you come to the right place now a day shares with you Gold Rom Pokemon is a second generation Pokemon video game. The game has brand new additions from the last three games. This game is like a free game after school, and our work to play this game is just like Pokemon Gold Rom, which is a bit changing in this Pokemon series. It’s just about 100 Of New Features Add-In This Game, our thousands OF Positive reviews.

We have some great examples of cool and pleasantly looking 3D games, like Ravenswood and so many others to take to the iPhone. Pokemon Gold GBC Rome Download Gameboy Color (GBC) Pokemon Gold Version ROM on emulator games. Play Pokemon-Gold Version Game available only on this website in the USA version. The gold version of Pokemon is a Gameboy color emulator which can be downloaded onto your computer or played in your browser online. You can also check out this is our amazing pokemon series game Super Mario 64 Rom.

Pokemon Gold Information:

Name:                             Pokemon Gold
Genre:                             Role Playing
Language:                     English
Console:                       Gameboy Color

Pokemon Gold Features:

  • These games featured the new region, Johto.
  • They take place three years after the events of Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • A hundred new Pokemon were introduced in the games.
  • A time system was introduced, allowing certain Pokémon to appear at certain times, and events to occur on certain days.
  • Pokemon could now hold items.
  • A new item, PokeGear, allows the usage of a clock, cell/mobile phone, and radio.
  • Specialized Poke Balls were introduced, allowing easier catching for specific types of Pokemon.
  • Two new types of Pokemon were introduced, Dark-type and Steel-type Pokemon.
  • The battle screen now shows how much experience the player’s Pokemon has gained, and also whether a wild Pokemon has been caught or not.
  • The ability to breed Pokemon was introduced.
  • A virus called “Pokerus”, which infects a Pokemon allowing its experience to double was first found.
  • Shiny Pokemon debuted in these games.
  • Backward connectivity was introduced, allowing trades with previous games.
  • Much More…………../

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Pokemon Gold Rom

Pokemon Gold Rom Download


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